About ADEF

Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF)  is a non-profit foundation registered under the Ministry of Social Affairs since 2009 that builds spaces, fosters environments for expression and learning, enhances skills and develops knowledge tools to support and empower teenagers and youth, groups or individuals, working on the ground to strengthen their practices and engagement with society.


ADEF's vision is to have independent teenagers and youth, individuals and groups, who are active, critical and aware and can express themselves and produce knowledge for the benefit of their society.


ADEF's mission is to promote the  creative uses of media, art and technology, disseminate  the concepts and practices of free culture, and support initiatives that aim to produce free Arabic knowledge using open tools.


ADEF organizes a set of programs and projects revolving around the use of open-source technology and the belief in self-expression and knowledge sharing, targeting both practitioners and youngsters. ADEF’s work ranges from policy advocacy to on-the-ground implementation of the values we advocate through creating diverse mechanisms for the practice of these values through various programs. To know about ADEF's programs, download the file attached.